About ZoomVillage

ZoomVillage is a technology company based in Litchfield, Connecticut. Our primary service is a platform for managing online newspapers and tourism guides.

Key features of ZoomVillage-hosted newspapers include:

The ZoomVillage platform provides journalists a powerful yet easy-to-use set of tools to create and manage profitable, high quality online newspapers. Since few journalists are web programmers (and vice versa), our approach is to handle all of the technical aspects of newspaper management, leaving journalists to do what they do best: research and write news stories.

ZoomVillage newspapers are town-based, and the first person to register in a town is automatically named the town's Mayor (virtual, of course) as well as Editor-in-Chief of the town's newspaper. The Editor-in-Chief may promote other registered users to the role of Editor. All advertising revenues are paid directly to the Editor-in-Chief who may choose to share with his or her fellow editors.

Any registered user may submit a news story, but their stories must be approved by an editor before being published. Similarly, registered users may submit content to the newspaper's local tourism guide and online store.

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