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 Mendo Coast Critique

Pomo Bluffs

This is a great place to relax and observe the wildlife.

Many people come to this beautiful spot every day to walk their dogs, have a picnic, or watch the awesome sunsets. This bluff has one of the best views in town and a superb walking trail that leads to Shoreline Highway and right into town.

Dogs are welcome- as long as pet owners clean up after them. Clean-up bags and garbage cans are even provided to encourage pet walking. Humans aren't the only ones who enjoy this wonderful natural park.

Various species of wildlife are always present in the area. Dozens of deer, squirrels, herons, and other animals spend their days at the bluff.

The area is the perfect place to take pictures. Many people, tourists and natives alike, make the Pomo Bluffs a picture perfect destination- not just for wildlife or sunset photographs, but for professional "special occasion" photos as well.

Be sure to make this one of your stops for an enjoyable experience.

From Highway 20 coming into Fort Bragg, turn right onto Highway 1 at the Boatyard Shopping Center. Then turn left at McDonald's.

Heading south on Highway 1 coming from Cleone, turn right at McDonald's. It's straight ahead from there.
Street Address: 1211 South Main Street
Entrance Fee: FREE
Activities: Sight seeing, great sunsets, wide variety of wildlife
Pet Friendly
Wheelchair Access