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 The Norwich Rose

Christ Episcopal Church

Holy Ground for People on a Faith Journey

We are a small but active parish in Norwich, a 350-year-old city of 37,000 in southeastern Connecticut, known as "The Rose of New England."

We pride ourselves on our excellent music program and our efforts to assist those in our city who can use a helping hand.

We're young and not-as-young-as-we-used-to-be. Some of us grew up in the area and in the Episcopal Church, while others made their way here later in life. However we got here, we have all found a special home at Christ Episcopal Church.

We hope you'll join us for worship or perhaps to enjoy a Sunday afternoon concert and that you will feel at home here, too.
Street Address: 78 Washington Street
Phone: 860-887-4249
Denomination: Episcopal
Wheelchair Access
Christ Episcopal Church
Christ Episcopal Church