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Skateland USA

Skate Land USA Roller/Inline Skating Rink was founded
in 1995, and is open year round.

Skating provides great exercise! Lace-em up and bring
your friends. Get on the floor and get ready for a great
experience. Skateland has a special section for those just
learning to skate. Concession stand is also available with
lots of seating. Come watch your children skate! Adults
skate, too! Great for family traditions and get-togethers.

Check out Speed Skating -- it's fast, requires strength,
skill, talent and concentration. Sometimes you can see skate
dancers there who are really great!

Birthday Parties, holiday parties, and other events can be
scheduled by calling the office. Prices are great - just call and see! Please call at least one week in advance to schedule your event.
Street Address: 4142 Clemson Boulevard
Phone: (864) 224-8175
Parking: Plenty
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Skateland USA
Skateland USA
Skateland USA
Skateland USA
Skateland USA
Skateland USA