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 The Norwich Rose

Greeneville Congregational Church

The Greeneville Congregational Church warmly welcomes you to our web site. Located in the Greeneville section of Norwich Connecticut, the Parrish was founded in 1833.

The Reverend Gregory Perry is the Pastor of the Church.

We hope that you will consider worshipping together with us at the following service:

Sunday Mornings at 10:00 AM

What is a Congregationalist?

The Congregationalist Church is a Protestant faith that originated during the 1500s. Like other Protestant faiths, Congregationalism opposed many of the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. It also felt that the Anglican Church, also known as the Church of England, was too Catholic in its teachings. King Henry VIII of England formed the Anglican Church during the early 1500s after the Catholic Pope refused to grant the King an annulment from his first wife. In response, Henry VIII formed his own church. Technically, the Anglican Church was a Protestant Church since the Pope was not in charge of it, but in reality, the general practices and beliefs of the Catholic Church continued to exist in the Anglican faith. Congregationalists rejected the hierarchy and rigid practices of both the Catholics and the Anglicans. Rather than following the dictates of a single human individual, Congregationalists believe that Jesus Christ is the head of each congregation. In England, Congregationalists faced religious persecution for their beliefs from followers of the country’s official faith, Anglicanism.

The first Congregationalists to come to the New World were the Pilgrims in 1620.
Street Address: 143 Prospect St., Norwich CT 06360
Denomination: Congregational
Greeneville Congregational Church
Greeneville Congregational Church