New City Animal Ordinance
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 The Mankato Gazette

New City Animal Ordinance

October 19, 2014
Mankato's amended animal ordinance, 9.31, is effective today (Wednesday, October 15). Updates to the ordinance:

Registration. Dog licenses are no longer required; however, registration is. Dogs or cats more than six months old (that reside in Mankato longer than 60 days) need to be registered with the city of Mankato. Information required for registration includes name, address, telephone number, rabies tag number, microchip and any other descriptive information. There is no cost to register. Register online; at the Animal Impound, 903 Mound Avenue; Mankato's Public Safety Center, 710 South Front Street; or at the Intergovernmental Center, 10 Civic Center Plaza.
Number of animals in a household. Each residential household may have up to four dogs unless a resident obtains a hobby kennel license, which allows up to four additional dogs. There is no restriction on the number of cats a household may have. Those who currently have more than four dogs may keep them without a obtaining a hobby kennel license. If one of the dogs passes away, ownership is transferred, or the dog leaves for another reason, the dog cannot be replaced until below four dogs, or a hobby kennel license is obtained. Apply for a hobby kennel license.
Rabies vaccinations and microchips. Dogs and cats living in Mankato must have a current rabies identification tag or a microchip implanted (only required if there is no rabies identification tag) because of the risk rabies poses to the public. The tag or microchip can help identify the dog or cat if needed.
Annoyances. Dogs or cats that make noise (such as barking, howling or crying) for more than five minutes, or intermittent noise that lasts longer than one hour anytime of day or night are considered annoyances. Failure to stop the annoyance results in:

1. First incident—written warning letter
2. Second incident—Once annoyance is verified, a civil penalty of $200 will be imposed.
3. Third incident—Owner will be charged with a misdemeanor, punishable with up to 90 days in jail and/or $1,000 fine.

Being a responsible pet owner helps maintain livability and quality of life. Neighbors and owners benefit, and pets do too. Help us help you:

Spay/neuter pets. Studies prove that spayed or neutered animals are less likely to roam.
Keep pets on a leash no more than 10-feet long. Not only is this the law, it helps prevent the pet from getting lost or chasing another animal and not returning.
Keep identification tags on pets because they can help return animals to their owners faster.

Learn more about responsible pet ownership, and view information online. For more information, contact staff at 311 or 507-387-8600.
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