No Justice, Only Disrespect
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 The Gold City Gazette

No Justice, Only Disrespect

July 17, 2012
Dear Cookie- and Oroville Neighbors:
On the evening of June 30th I was sitting in my living room when I heard four loud boom sounds, I looked up to see something red flying across my yard and then heard a loud boom. My fence, yard, swing set play hut, porch, and home were so damaged by a 23 year old female driver under the influence, Stephanie L. Chadwick.

The thing that has bothered me the most, in regard to the incident, is that Mrs. Chadwick has not shown the least remorse. Instead, she has on her face book page (upinsmoke). To me she seems to think the whole ordeal was an adventure to be bragged about. At this point she will only have fines which do not even come close to the amount of damage she has caused me and my neighbors. My damages on the house alone are over $18,000, plus the four other cars she caused damage too. She only has the minimum insurance required, so it will not even begin to cover the cost of the damages to all.

Mrs. Chadwick apparently told the police, that night, that she was driving fast because she wanted to die. She seems to be oblivious to the fact that she could have killed innocent people. If this incident would have taken place during any of the five evenings previous to THAT evening, my adopted babies and grandchildren, two of my daughters, and I, myself, would have all been killed or maimed. The area she plowed into had been occupied those evenings by all of us. Mrs. Chadwick's flippant attitude gives me great cause for concern, and I'm sure you all realize it could have been YOUR house just as easily.

And now, to add insult to injury, I found out recently that she may only be charged with a D.U.I.! Maybe if she had approached me humbly, and apologized, I wouldn't feel so outraged. So, I am asking those of you who feel the same way I do, to ask the D.A. to charge her with assault with a deadly weapon as she intentionally drove reckless with no concern for anyone’s life or safety. She drove this way intentionally. I feel this is necessary to help keep our
neighborhood safe. If young people like Mrs. Chadwick get the idea that consequences are nothing but a slap on the wrist, this kind of irreverent and irresponsible behavior will never be viewed by them as a serious offense, and the sanctity of life will have no meaning to them.

I appreciate, in advance, your support to help ensure the safety of our homes and children in this neighborhood.

Sincerely, Rebecca Whicker
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