Opportunities To Speak Out
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 The Gold City Gazette

Opportunities To Speak Out

April 29, 2012
We would like to encourage Oroville citizens to participate in the paper through letters to the Editor and an "Openline" type segment.

Most Oroville residents probably remember the Openline segment that used to be featured in The Oroville Mercury. This was a tool that could be used to express how people felt about their community.

We will publish submissions that allow residents to speak out about our community. Political and religious issues will not be published. For example, FRRPD issues will not be published in these sections. We are not saying that there are not legitimate concerns over such issues, but matters such as these have been exausted in The Oroville Mercury. They have even become a way for people to argue about these types of things through a public avenue.

We want to keep submissions more posivite. Subjects that recognize people who have a positive influence in our community or things we would like to see occur to improve our community would be great subjects for letters. There is a wide spectrum of topics that can be addressed in these venues that will have a more constructive result.

We look forward to hearing from you.
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