US Cellular's Unhappiest Customers
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US Cellular's Unhappiest Customers

April 11, 2012
When I signed up for my US Cellular account, I was told by the sales rep that I would be billed each month for the upcoming month. She told me that when I received my first bill it would show billing for the days spanning from the day I signed up until the date the bill was generated, as well as the upcoming month. She told me she was telling me this so I would not be surprised when I opened my first bill and it was more than the monthly charge of $49.99 that I agreed to. I committed to a two-year contract.

When my two-year contract was expired I called US Cellular to cancel my account. The operator started plying me with questions. I told him I had already found another service that gave me better service for a lower price. He wanted to know who it was. I told him I did not want to get into that. He started talking bad about WalMart’s plans. I told him that was no concern of mine and I wanted to cancel my account. He told me I had to talk to a different department. I had already spent several minutes dealing with him and my husband was in the hospital. I told him my husband was in the hospital and he just needed to cancel my service. He said he was not able to and that I had to talk to a different department. I told him I would have to call back because I had to get to the hospital and hung up.

The next day, August 25, 2011, I sent an email to US Cellular stating that I wanted to cancel my account. On September 1, I received a reply email stating US Cellular does not allow cancellations via email because they cannot verify identity. I sent a bill statement to US Cellular with “Cancel service” written on it.

On September 2, I again called US Cellular to confirm cancellation of my account. I was told I had to be transferred. I was put on hold and waited several minutes. My husband was just out of the hospital. Between trying to care for him and take him to follow up appointments, I did not have time to wait on the phone. I hung up. I later sent a final letter to US Cellular telling them I wanted to cancel my account. This letter had my physical signature on it.

I was receiving texts on my US Cellular phone from US Cellular telling me to contact them. I was also receiving calls on my home phone from US Cellular. No person was ever on the phone when I answered or the answering machine picked up. I would answer on the first ring and a recording would tell me to call US Cellular. I would get two to three of these calls per day.

I feel it is unethical and predatorial for businesses to conduct business in this way. I made five attempts to cancel my service and was not allowed to. This type of behavior should not be allowed to occur. I have filed complaints with several agencies, but US Cellular refuses to reverse the fraudulent charges.

I want the following five actions from US Cellular:
1. Bring my account balance to zero.
2. Stop all collection activities.
3. Remove all derogatory remarks on my credit report.
4. Change their cancellation policy that states a person has to be transferred from person
person, resulting in long hold times and inconvenient long phone calls to cancel
5. A written apology from US Cellular.

I know I am not the only person this type of thing has happened to, and these people need to be stopped. The Better Business Bureau has pages of complaints on file about US Cellular, but details are not given about what the complaints entail.

I also found a lawsuit involving US Cellular at

If enough people have had similar experiences, maybe we could get a class action lawsuit going against these slimy sharks.

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