Yokayo Ranch Vacation Resort
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 Mendo Coast Critique

Yokayo Ranch Vacation Resort

April 12, 2016
At the outskirts of Ukiah lies a hidden treasure. A truly unique resort, Yokayo Ranch provides the perfect escape from the everyday norm. Two houses and two cabanas are available for special events, meetings, or just a quiet vacation.

The main house is equipped with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. A spacious kitchen enables guests to prepare meals in comfort. A combined dining and lounging area, complete with a wet bar, allows friends and family members to enjoy relaxing evenings together.

The bunk house has two bedrooms downstairs and one upstairs. A large kitchen is available in this house as well. An entertainment room contains a large projector that can be used to watch movies or for presentations.

Two cabanas are located next to the pool and hot tub. Each sleeps three and has a private bathroom. Both units feature café nooks, containing breakfast beverages, cold and dry storage, and dishes. In all, the five houses provide sleeping for up to 20 guests.

Yokayo Ranch offers an amazing retreat for couples wanting a romantic getaway. Reservations can be made for a night or weekend stay without breaking the bank. Longer stays can be arranged as well. Everything except food is provided. Utensils and basic spices are available for food preparation. Bedding, towels, and even some disposable items are provided as well.

WiFi is available throughout the property, and cell phone reception is excellent. Netflix is also available through the WiFi service, and many guests take advantage of this feature for movie nights. For those who prefer being out of doors, trails with beautiful scenery are available. A variety of plants and wildlife are a peaceful treat, as are the nearby vineyards. Campsites are even available for those who want to rough it.

Also located on the 100-acre resort is an ecofriendly farm. Work on the farm is done mainly through efforts of people, animals such as draft horses, and solar power. The goal is to decrease the use of machinery, thereby improving the environment and allowing for the repair of natural resources.

By avoiding use of large machinery, the farmers are able to reduce the amount of harmful gases released into the environment. Implementing more natural “tools” such as farm animals and mineral dust fertilizer allows the earth to heal. These practices also result in more healthy products for the consumers.

Whether you are a Mendocino local looking for a relaxing excursion or an out-of-towner seeking out your next vacation spot, Yokayo Ranch is definitely worth checking out. For more information about rates, availability, and more, click on the links below.
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