A Western New Yorker for U.S. Supreme Court
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A Western New Yorker for U.S. Supreme Court

February 18, 2016
NYS Supreme Court Justice E.Jeannette Ogden
NYS Supreme Court Justice E.Jeannette Ogden
After researching the process for nominating to the U.S. Supreme Court, a vacancy created when Justice Antonin Scalia passed last Saturday, this blogger discovered, the first step is to contact the Congressional Senator from New York State who recommends a nominee for President Barack Obama to consider, as he reviews the names with his staff before nominating the candidate to the Senate for consideration and the appointment.

Given the timeliness and controversy the topic has already conjured, while it is being debated, why not recommend a nominee from Western New York, politically neutral with two decades of experience on the bench here in the City of Buffalo? The City continues to make it on the list of the top four cities in the nation among the highest in crime rates, the most segregated and other maladies.

Yet, it has other things the townsfolk celebrate. That is the high caliber of the judges here. And one of them is Supreme Court Justice E. Jeanette Ogden from Buffalo, New York. She graduated from SUNY Buffalo State College and the UB Law School.

She has two decades of judicial experience that merits consideration at a time both political parties are at odds on which one appointed to the highest court of the land.

Here is the email sent to both U.S. Senator Charles Ellis Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand.

"Please consider nominating NYS Supreme Court Justice E. Jeannette Ogden to the U.S. Supreme Court. We need a candidate with her socio-economic background on the highest court. Also, a graduate from a public college. She is highly respected in Western New York and is someone all Americans are able to identified with, especially her fairness and treatment of all people. Also, she is African-American an additional asset to the court. She is a nominee all elected leaders shouldn't have a problem endorsing or supporting."

Thank you,

Maria Rosa
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