Changes to Coleman-Crivitz Journal Site
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Changes to Coleman-Crivitz Journal Site

January 31, 2016
The plug will be pulled on the Coleman-Crivitz Journal on Jan. 31, 2016
The plug will be pulled on the Coleman-Crivitz Journal on Jan. 31, 2016

Zoomvillae announced on 1-41-16 that they will be staying open now, after a interested buyer has come forward to buy Zoomvillage. So, stay tunes for more great content.

The Coleman-Crivitz Journal site and all the other Zoomvillage-powered community sites, will be taken down as Zoomvillage has choosen to pull t5he plug as it has not been generating enough consistent advertising revenue to justify staying up.

The planned termination will happen at 11:59 p.m. Jan. 31.

On Feb. 1, we will be posting content periodically in the Coleman-Crivitz Journal Facebook and Twitter accounts.

It has been a pleasure the past five years in providing local news and content to all Coleman-Crivitz Journal registered users, non-registered subscribers and regular visitors.

Custom Technology Communications (publisher of the Coleman-Crivitz Journal site) is planning to roll out a new site for Marinette-Oconto County's. Once the site is finished it will be rolled out to the area. The site will be focused on capturing live and local news, events and special happenings occurring throughout Marinette-Oconto County by using high-quality video and photography. More to come...

If you are interested in visiting the the site in the future, please send your full name and email to, and we will send out an invite with the new web site domain name when we are ready to roll out.

Thanks! and enjoy viewing the great content on the Coleman-Crivitz Journal site until Jan. 31.
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