Mankato State of the City
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 The Mankato Gazette

Mankato State of the City

January 12, 2016
Mankato's "State of the City" presents progress made on its "Strategic Plan" and presents next steps and other opportunities that can impact the city's future.

"State of the City" reviews accomplishments within the last year and also looks for ways to refocus to help ensure the city can continue to provide quality services while meeting the city's growing needs," said City Manager Patrick Hentges.

Providing outstanding service is a top priority for the city of Mankato organization. There's a commitment to four elements of focus that impact change in Mankato's "State of the City:"

Resources are vital to community livability, quality of life and growth.
Technology and infrastructure helps transform resources and create capacities to help make lives more comfortable and convenient.
Demographics are what make Mankato the city it is.
Engagement relies on resources, technology and people to help government organizations run efficiently in providing quality customer service.

Mankato's "Strategic Plan" guides city organization activity and the "State of the City" is its update.

For more information, contact City Manager Patrick Hentges at 507-387-8695.
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