Coleman Approves New Billboard Ad on US 141
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 The Coleman-Crivitz Journal

Coleman Approves New Billboard Ad on US 141

February 8, 2012
The Village of Coleman's Board of Trustees approved a billboard sign proposal in a board meeting Feb. 6.

The billboard sign is owned by Jag Advertising, Algoma, Wis. and is a two-sided illuminated billboard at a spot south of the Coleman exit that is passed by 9,800 cars each day.

The village can rent the south-facing side, readable from vehicles traveling north, for $550 per month plus $900 for the initial art work. A minimum 1-year lease is required.

A tentative sign design would read, “Take the old road - next exit - Come Back to Coleman,” with perhaps the Coleman logo and web address on the side.

Since all businesses in the village are linked to the village web site, the sign would work to direct prospective customers to whatever business they might want to visit.

According to village trustee Jim Karban, the first year lease cost would total $7,500, and this would drop to $6,600 in future years because the art work will not need to be redone.

“We put a lot of money into the village to make it look nice,” Karban said. “Now, the question is, how do we get people to come here?”

He felt the proposed village billboard will help. He said Cougar Country Business Association is also working on some signage, but theirs will take longer. The sign he proposes can be up in perhaps four to six weeks.
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