Kriner Cash Prospective BPS Superintendent
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Kriner Cash Prospective BPS Superintendent

August 6, 2015
Dr. Cash
Dr. Cash
Latino leaders with Cash: L to R, Dr. Caban, E. Martinez, F. Friot, L.Velez, C. Rodriguez, Dr. Cash, SUNY Trustee Llewyn,
Latino leaders with Cash: L to R, Dr. Caban, E. Martinez, F. Friot, L.Velez, C. Rodriguez, Dr. Cash, SUNY Trustee Llewyn,
Dr. Cash and SUNY Trustee Eunice Llewyn
Dr. Cash and SUNY Trustee Eunice Llewyn
Kriner Cash interviewed for the Superintendent of the
Buffalo City School District on Monday and Tuesday this week. After nearly a week in the Queen City, he departed on Thursday.

Since it has been the modus operandi of the Buffalo School Board to interview the superintendent candidates behind closed doors, the community has not had any opportunity to meet the others or to compare their presentations.

He recounted the story of how he traveled alone throughout the City of Buffalo across many neighborhoods several of the names he mispronounced as he attempted to describe his personal odyssey through the city to a group of leaders in the Latino community waiting for him at the Belle Center on the lower west side on Wednesday evening.

Kriner walked into the room alone surprising the small audience gathered to meet the candidate raved about in the local media as the next Superintendent of the Buffalo School District.

He stood in the middle of the room hands folded down across his abdomen legs slightly parted, beige suit with a colorful tie, tired but ready to meet a community largely neglected both in the district and as candidates in the superintendent lackadaisical search process.

Members in the audience at the Belle Center mostly Latino leaders and others invited through a Facebook event, a few BTF teachers and other community activists asked him many questions from the dismal graduation of Latino children in the the Buffalo Schools to charter schools and vouchers.

After an hour of listening to Dr. Cash pontificate about prep academies for overage students, same sex education, rigor in the curriculum based on literacy from the cradle to college as the bases of providing a world class educational opportunity for every child, including a City Honors educational opportunity to all as the measure or bar, he ushered himself out to another meeting in the community.

Before disappearing down the long corridor, he stood with Latino leaders for a photo.

It is hard to say what this audience thought about him but he appeared to endeared himself to Latino leaders, while they have a wait-and-see attitude, they do expect him to address the educational crisis of Latino children disproportionately represented in the buildings on the state list of struggling schools.

Cash is a heavyweight in the superintendent market place, one of several that has made a name for himself in the school turn around industry with other familiar names to include former Chancellor of NYC Schools Rudy Crew, former Rochester Superintendent Manny Rivera and yes the abominable former Superintendent of Buffalo Schools James Williams among the few recognizable names in the group.

And Cash acquired nearly 20 years as a leader in the industry after his tenure at Martha's Vineyard School District in Massachusetts with a student population of 2,070.

Later rising to the top leadership jobs among two of the largest urban school districts in the nation, Miami Dade where Rudy Crew former Superintendent not only recruited him but created a top level administration position for him overseeing over 300,000 students to his appointment as the Superintendent of the Memphis City School District population over 100,000 students in a career spanning 18 years from 1995 through 2012.

Three months ago, he interviewed at the Lowell Schools in Massachusetts even at Duval in Jacksonville, Florida where ironically former Superintendent James Williams also had interviewed.

State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Alia recommended him to the Buffalo Board of Education.

He'll be both the receiver and the Superintendent of the Buffalo City School System if appointed in a role essentially more the boss of the School Board rather than working for them.
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