Cookie's New Adventure
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 Mendo Coast Critique

Cookie's New Adventure

December 11, 2014
I have really missed writing on a regular basis and supplying information to my many readers.

I have decided to start a tourism guide for the area I am living in now. I know many of my readers love to go to Fort Bragg and the surrounding areas, so this will be of interest to a lot of people.

This site will be a little different than the Gold City Gazette. It will not include daily news stories. Instead, I will be publishing information about recreational ventures and business reviews. I will also share information about upcoming activities.

There may be occasional "news" articles if I happen to stumble upon something interesting. For the most part, however, the site will include experiences I have had and places I have visited. It is designed to help visitors- and residents- find places they might be interested in visiting themselves.

The site is called Mendo Coast Critique. I also have a Facebook page for the site, where I will post pictures of things I see while I'm out and about. I hope all of my readers find the site useful and enjoyable.
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