JZ's Rules of Rape, Hate, Perjury, and Fraud
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JZ's Rules of Rape, Hate, Perjury, and Fraud

November 12, 2013
“When our in-house inquiry shows that an outside, independent investigation was warranted, we asked our attorney to hire a third-party private investigation firm to conduct the interview with you and 15 other witnesses”

– Mike Wright explaining RSE’s rape protocol to a woman who stated that she was raped at RSE, by an RSE employee.

John Michael “Mike” Wright wears many hats for JZ Knight’s business interests.

Wright is Legal Affairs Liaison for JZ Knight’s corporation, JZK Inc. He is Product Sales and Services Manager for JZK’s Ramtha School of Enlightenment (RSE). He was Director and Vice President of RSE International, Inc. He also teaches classes at RSE.

He starred in a JZK video, directed by JZ Knight herself.

Mike Wright says he has been following JZ Knight’s teachings for over twenty years. He appears to have learned them well.

JZ Knight teaches that there is no right or wrong, and that people “create their own reality.” That means that crime victims are to blame for what happens to them—not the criminal. The victims brought it on themselves, through some kind of bizarre karmic need.

So crime victims deserve no compassion or help. Not even children.

Since he has been such a devoted student of her teachings, JZ Knight has apparently assigned Mike Wright additional duties, as well.

RSE Has Its Own Rape Protocol -

Mike Wright currently administers RSE’s rape policy and procedures when an on-premise rape is reported to management. Wright’s credentials for such a task are unclear.

According to ex-Knight followers, rape was not that unusual at RSE—particularly after wine ceremonies.

Until five years ago, this kind of managerial responsibility had been assigned to JZ Knight’s succession of live-in lovers.

It may seem unusual for a business to have an internal policy for handling violent crimes on the premise, that doesn’t include calling the police and letting them handle it.

But JZ Knight is a sovereignist, and her RSE cult is run on sovereignist beliefs—fear and hatred of the government. At RSE, she replaces the outside world’s criminal justice system with one of her own.

Her brainwashed followers accept it without question. They believe that JZ Knight is all wise and all knowing. They move to Thurston County from all over the world, because she has convinced them that this is one of the few places where they can be safe. Her ways cannot be questioned.

RSE’s Prior Rape Protocol, under James Flick -

Prior to Mike Wright, the RSE rape protocol was handled by James Flick. Flick was an RSE manager and JZ’s live-in lover until he left her five years ago for another woman.

Although James Flick left JZ Knight in 2008, the State of Washington reports that Flick still runs his own two businesses out of RSE’s address.

About a decade ago, a Knight follower sent a seven-page letter to James Flick. It reported the rape of a sixteen year old girl at RSE. Someone who read the letter told me that it was neatly handwritten on nice stationary.

The letter detailed how the writer’s (then) boyfriend had raped a sixteen year old girl at RSE, after a wine ceremony. The victim was known to be shy and quiet, and apparently had no parents or family to help her. As far as anyone knew, she did not report the rape to the police.

This teen rape became common knowledge among JZ Knight’s followers at the time. Soon after the letter, James Flick put the accused teen rapist’s name up on the staff board, meaning that he was no longer welcome at RSE events. As far as anyone knew, that was the extent of JZ Knight’s concern over that particular report.

Past RSE students recall that this teen rape occurred about a year or two after the notorious “rape trial” by JZ Knight at RSE. The Seattle Times reported that the in-house trial was the result of the rape report of a different (and younger) teenage girl, and different rapists who were also RSE students.

The Seattle Times reported that the fifteen year old victim had written a letter to JZ Knight about her assailants. In this prior teen rape case, Knight presided over her own in-house court proceeding, which took place at an RSE wine ceremony in front of about 800 witnesses.

The first teen rape went on to an actual trial, for real, in Lewis County. JZ Knight later said she had no recollection of her in-house trial at the RSE wine ceremony, explaining that she had been in a trance at the time.

Some of Knight’s ex-followers have speculated that JZ didn’t hold a second in-house trial for this subsequent teen rape, because of how reports of her earlier teen rape trial were distributed in the press, and ridiculed in commentaries.

Apparently, the RSE rape protocol under James Flick did not involve bringing in any outside private investigators and lawyers. That process apparently changed when Mike Wright took over that responsibility.

RSE Rape Protocol, under Mike Wright -

According to Mike Wright in March 2013, the RSE rape protocol begins with in-house investigations—which he supervises himself.

If Wright deems it necessary, his rape investigations involve JZK attorneys, third-party private investigators, and interrogation of the accuser by one of their attorneys.

Because of my research into JZ Knight and RSE, I have been interrogated three times by a JZK attorney—with a smirking Mike Wright in attendance each time. I have never set foot anywhere near RSE, and I felt violated enough. I couldn’t imagine how a rape victim would feel.

But “Diane,” a woman who stated that she was raped at RSE—and who was actually dragged through Wright’s bizarre procedures—described to me very well how degrading it felt. Including the interrogation by the female JZK lawyer.

Mike Wright also states that his investigation includes interviews of fifteen witnesses. He doesn’t say what happens if there are fewer than fifteen witnesses to a reported rape.

But apparently rounding up “witnesses” isn’t a problem for Mike Wright and his RSE rape protocol. He doesn’t appear to require his witnesses to have actually seen or heard the crime. They just need to have an opinion about it.

Diane told me that among Wright’s fifteen “witnesses” was an RSE student who said that, since Diane was a lesbian, she should experience sex with a man under any circumstance—even rape. The rape had been Diane’s only such experience.

There is No Right or Wrong -

For all of its grim detail, the RSE rape protocol fails to include any concern for the victim.

Because JZ Knight teaches her followers that there is no right or wrong. According to Knight’s Ramtha—The White Book, not even murder is wrong.

Knight also teaches that people create their own reality. That means if something terrible happens to you, you made it happen. You wanted it to happen; you needed it to happen. In a past life, for instance, a rape victim must have raped someone else. Same with any victim of any crime.

According to JZ Knight, this lifetime exists to experience what you lacked in past lives. You’re simply fulfilling your core curriculum, on the road to enlightenment.

JZ Knight teaches that anyone’s life is simply an immaterial blip in the big picture. Any terrible crime against you in any one lifetime—even being murdered—is unimportant, in the long run. You’ll have thousands and thousands of lifetimes to work it all out.

So criminals and their sympathizers are never to feel guilty, in JZ Knight’s world. It’s all just part of creating your reality.

She also teaches that the closest truth we have is our fantasies.

JK Knight has her followers sign secrecy oaths—her “Condition of Participation,” when they come to her school. These contracts are in place until twenty-one years after Knight’s death.

JZ Knight’s ex-followers have told me that they were afraid to report a crime while at RSE because they thought it might violate their secrecy oath. They were afraid of getting sued by Knight. Even if they were the crime victims.

It is common sense that if someone truly believes JZ Knight’s teachings—that there is no right or wrong, and the closest truth we have is our fantasies—then at a certain point, things will start to go awry.

Under Oath -

As Corporate Legal Affairs Liaison, Mike Wright represents JZ Knight’s business in court proceedings. In his November 13, 2012 Declaration in JZK Inc. v Coverdale, Wright stated that he had been adjunct faculty at both Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) and South Puget Sound Community College (SPSCC).

To these claims, Wright signed “I Declare Under Penalty of Perjury of the Laws of the State of Washington that the Foregoing is True and Correct.”

The Fantasy -

JZK Inc. sells a video called Nonlocality and the Observer, a Scientific Presentation by Mike Wright, directed by JZ Knight herself. In this video, Wright teaches about quantum science, laboratory experiments, the body and the mind.

JZK sells this video on Mike Wright’s credentials as adjunct faculty at both PLU and SPSCC. Just like Wright stated in his court declaration, under penalty of perjury.

Wright also advertised that he had been adjunct faculty at both PLU and SPSCC on KRSE’s “Beyond the Ordinary” website. KRSE is a business that sells audio tapes of RSE teachers, courtesy of JZK Inc.

Interestingly, Wright’s video ad states that he can teach people to change their own pasts.

And JZ Knight teaches that the closest truth we have is our fantasies.

Among the RSE materials found in the home of police killers (and JZ Knight followers) Dr. Phillipe Neniere and Agnis Jardel, were writings about JZ Knight’s brand of quantum science. The very subject that Mike Wright teaches in RSE materials—based on his adjunct professor claims. (see “JZ’s Rules of Murder, Hate, and Fear”)

The Reality -

Mike Wright’s claims came as quite a surprise to both Pacific Lutheran University and South Puget Sound Community College.

Pacific Lutheran University President Thomas W. Krise, Ph.D. wrote to me:

We have no record of John Michael “Mike” Wright having worked at Pacific Lutheran University at all – as an adjunct or otherwise. If he is using Pacific Lutheran University as a credential, he is doing so as a fabrication.

Kellie Purce Braseth, SPSCC Dean of College Relations, also stated that her office has no record of Mike Wright being on their faculty.

Mike Wright declared his PLU and SPSCC faculty credentials under oath, in Thurston County Superior Court.

Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 9A.72.020 defines First Degree Perjury as a materially false statement which he or she knows to be false under an oath required or authorized by law. It’s a Class B felony, which is up to ten years in prison and/or a $20,000 fine.

JZK Inc. and KRSE sell products by Mike Wright based on his PLU and SPSCC faculty claims.

Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 19.86.020 states that Unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts or practices in the conduct of any trade or commerce are hereby declared unlawful.

JZ Knight’s ex-followers have told me that they paid for RSE events and products because they were very impressed by what they believed to be the credentials of Knight and her RSE teachers, like Mike Wright.

As one ex-follower said: “The science, to me, gave RSE legitimacy, like a school. I could go to the local annex to hear a motivational speaker. But this, this was giving me an understanding of how my brain and body work, so it wasn’t some ‘wish it and it will happen’ spiel.”

And now they know they had been duped. Yet again.

But that’s not the end of this story.

There’s still the hate teachings. And the indifference to suffering. And how JZ Knight seems to know how to use them.

Dr. Krise’s Strong Words Against Hate -

I told PLU President Thomas Krise about JZ Knight’s bigoted and hateful statements during her videotaped RSE events, and about Mike Wright’s active participation in these videos.

Dr. Krise’s written response, representing PLU:

We absolutely do not subscribe to the hatred of anyone – by demographic, or otherwise. We have no tolerance for those who would espouse hatred under the guise of religious validation. Such behavior
is absolutely contrary to our institutional values of inquiry, service, and care.

“Raise Your Hand” -

One of the most chilling parts of JZ Knight’s wine ceremony video from February 2012 (see “JZ’s Rules of Hate, Fraud…and Salma and Linda”) was Mike Wright’s reaction to the death that day of a fellow student in the RSE parking lot. This student had collapsed and died just a few hours earlier, waiting outside for the event. JZ’s wine ceremony went on as planned.

JZ Knight spoke to her followers about it:

“Ain’t it true, you Anti-Christ, ain’t it true—you don’t give a sh-t who died out there. You don’t. How many of you don’t, raise your hands.”

The camera then panned to the audience.

Most of the audience, like actress Linda Evans and Mike Wright’s wife, looked uncomfortable and didn’t raise their hands.

But Mike Wright, with no expression on his face as he stared intently at JZ Knight, calmly raised his hand and held it high.

After seeing that video, it’s easy to understand why JZ Knight put Mike Wright in charge of RSE’s rape policy and procedures, in addition to all of his other responsibilities.

In March of this year, Mike Wright sent an email to a woman who had stated that she had been raped at RSE after a wine ceremony, by an RSE employee. She also stated that two other women had told her that they had been raped by the same RSE employee.

Wright explained the RSE policy and procedures, including the fifteen witnesses, and referenced JZK attorney Andrea McNeely.

Then he signed the email, “Cheers, Mike.”

For what she seems to need, JZ Knight has trained Mike Wright very well.
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