Sun Fresh Produce
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Sun Fresh Produce

September 10, 2013
Sunfresh Produce is a business in Englewood, Florida that sells high quality fruits and vegetables at reasonable prices. The business is easily identified as the large warehouse located on South McCall road right next to Wal-Mart. The business is owned by Steve Clark and managed by James E. Kripp; the employees mainly consist of residents of Englewood and the surrounding towns.
Sunfresh Produce has been sold twice in the last 15 years; the first time it happened was when founder Scott Sheckler (The business was originally called Sheckler Produce) sold it due to the difficulties running it; later, he re-bought it after the new owner went bankrupt. After several more years of running the business, Scott decided to sell Sheckler Produce again. This time he sold it to current owner Steve Clark. Since then, the business has been recovering and has been renovated with new ways to keep produce fresh and new managing techniques.
Sunfresh Produce sells a variety of items from the standard American produce (apples, strawberries, bananas, etc.) as well as exotic items like orchid flowers as well as prepackaged items like wing sauce and blocks of cheese, and they also sell locally produced items like honeycombs made by bees within a small radius of the town of Englewood.
Overall, Sunfresh Produce is a wonderful local alternative to the large corporations like Wal-Mart and Publix, and they’re friendly.
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