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The Pale Rider Horse of Death (or Denver Bronco) Awaits Visitors at the Denver International Airport (Phot o by DIA)
Belief or Unbelief? Denver International Airport
April 14, 2014

With the arrival of 2013 and the hypothetical ending of the Mayan calendar, here is an opinion piece that is a good read by the web site Advent of Deception.

Twenty years and beyond not a single American could have comprehended that in the middle of the heartland where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains, the Pale Horse of Death awaits your arrival. Even today, a large majority of Americans refuse to allow their thinking abilities to ascertain, and question, why a diabolical looking horse with vines and red glowing eyes greets all visitors at The Denver International Airport? Indeed, the argument can suggest that this evil looking horse represents a “bronco” identifying with the “Denver Broncos”; however, this type of “Bronco” misses the mark on the logo of the Denver NFL football teams memorabilia. FULL STORY