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 Mendo Coast Critique

(from the archives)

These shady looking characters were only trying to avoid being arrested by the Kangaroo Court. Incarceration could be guaranteed only if an individual had facial hair.
Paul Bunyan Days 2015
By Cookie Arnett
September 7, 2015

Fort Bragg was abuzz with activity this weekend, as residents and visitors participated in Paul Bunyan Days activities. Over 20 events took place in celebration of Paul Bunyan Days.

There was a craft fair, a car show, bird and coastal walks, a horseshoe tournament, and even games for the kids. And then there was the food. Whether event goers wanted a simple hot dog, barbeque, fish, or dessert, no one left unsatisfied.

The most anticipated event took place on Sunday, when the annual logging show was held. FULL STORY