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 South Thurston Journal

(from the archives)

Repeal the Washington Growth Management Act
September 10, 2013

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to testify at a small roundtable work session that the Washington State House Local Government Committee held in Olympia. The purpose of the work session was to discuss the Growth Management Act. Most people sitting at the table were discussing how it was working well but needed “tweaks” or “slight adjustments.” The Washington Environmental Council, Futurewise (sic), the American Planning Association, Washington State Association of Cities, WA State Association of Counties, among others were at the table. FULL STORY

Big Win for Property Rights in U.S. Supreme Court
July 23, 2013

By Glen Morgan - As many people are aware, the U.S. Supreme Court recently handed down significant decisions on marriage, California's Proposition 8, the Voting Rights Act, and other controversial issues. In the midst of these headline-grabbing court cases, there was a little-noticed property right... FULL STORY

Bills Would Put Tax Supermajority in Constitution
February 12, 2013

by Jeff Rhodes, The Olympia Report Auburn Republican Pam Roach, who chairs the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, on Thursday orchestrated testimony on three bills – including two for which she was the prime sponsor – that would create an amendment to the Washington State Constitutio... FULL STORY

Eyman Says Voters Will Prevail - In Time
March 2, 2013

Tim Eyman, who has successfully managed multiple initiatives over the past 15 years requiring a two-thirds majority to raise taxes in Washington, told reporters on the steps of the Capitol Building in Olympia on Monday afternoon he’s confident the voters will have the final say in the matter — event... FULL STORY

House Democrats Wants 10c Gas Tax Increase
February 21, 2013

By ANNA DUFF For the Olympia Report House Democrats, led by Rep. Judy Clibborn (D-Mercer Island) formally unveiled a $10 billion plan for transportation projects that would be largely funded by a 10 cent increase in the gas tax. “This package is about the infrastructure and jobs... FULL STORY

Port to Hold Public Meeting on Marina Fuel Plan
January 18, 2013

from the Port of Olympia- The Port of Olympia invites you to a Public Meeting on Proposed Marine Fueling Station at Swantown Marina The Port of Olympia is proposing a marine fueling station at Swantown Marina, a Port of Olympia facility. Attend this meeting to learn about the a... FULL STORY

House Dems Draw Up List of New Taxes
March 2, 2013

by Jeff Rhodes, The Olympia Report The House Transportation Committee on Monday heard testimony on an alphabet soup of bills whose purpose was all roughly the same — allowing cities and counties to fund mass transit and road maintenance with taxes the voters didn’t necessarily approve of. The ... FULL STORY

State Senate Has Two Visions of Health Care
February 21, 2013

By ANNA DUFF For the Olympia Report Members of the Washington State Senate’s Health Care Committee heard competing visions of what reform could look like on Monday, holding hearings on a pair of bills — one Democratic and the other Republican — that promise more and less government involvement, ... FULL STORY

Sam Hunt Loses Tribal Power to John McCoy
December 30, 2012

- From The Governed/NW Politics, 12/19/12 A funny thing happened to Sam Hunt (D-Olympia) behind closed doors during some Democrat caucus meetings recently. This is the time where politicians jockey for who gets to sit on which committee and it is where real political power gets exercised a... FULL STORY

A Bridge Too Low Loses $14 Million
January 6, 2013

-By Jeff Rhodes, The Olympia Report Designers of the proposed Columbia River Crossing, faced with the realization that a 95-foot-tall structure would not allow large vessels to pass beneath it, on Monday unveiled a revised plan that would raise the height to 115 feet — which may still be t... FULL STORY

CRC - More Investigations for The Bridge Too Low
December 30, 2012

-By Jeff Rhodes, The Olympia Report A forensic accountant investigating the Columbia River Crossing (CRC) project’s finances stopped just short of calling her findings criminal, but her report identifies enough problems that she recommends an investigation that could put the project on hol... FULL STORY