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 South Thurston Journal

(from the archives)

JZ Knight
Hate on Trial
January 18, 2013

Guest Editorial by Virginia Coverdale

I am very honored that the publishers or STJ has asked me to blog for their on-line newspaper. I have never been knowledgeable about local politics. I had no idea just how badly our rights have been eroded here in Thurston County and across the country for that matter. What usually keeps politicians in check? The media. However when you come to realize the deck is stacked and the media is all part of a vast conspiracy to promote one agenda, instead of unbiasedly presenting all sides, you also realize that the press is the most important freedom we have. FULL STORY

Thank you, Judge Gary Tabor
By Melissa Genson
January 10, 2013

Judge Tabor, thank you for your quiet courage. Your decision not to perform same sex marriages was fully within your right as a Superior Court Judge. It robbed no one of their legal rights. In a community bulging with people authorized and eager to perform these ceremonies (and many of them nee... FULL STORY

National Park Shutdowns - Theater of the Absurd
October 8, 2013

By Glen Morgan - I remember the government shutdown in 1995 mainly because I remember hiking in the Olympic National Park and how it was a low-hassle experience at the time. Sure, I had to park a distance from the trailhead due to a locked gate, but I wasn’t planning to do anything but hike ... FULL STORY

All-American Dream - Just Not in Thurston County
August 5, 2013

Video and editorial by Glen Morgan - Bert Wasch retired after working as an electrician his entire life. His dream was to spend his final years building and then living in a home on five acres of land he purchased in rural Thurston County. Like many modern governments, Thurston County claims ... FULL STORY

Petition to Restore the Two-Thirds
March 2, 2013

The State Supreme Court just made it a lot easier for the legislature to raise your taxes—and we know they’re going to try. Washington voters have repeatedly (6 times) and overwhelmingly (64% in 2012) voted to require a super-majority vote for the legislature to increase taxes or fees. Yet six S... FULL STORY

If it Quacks Like a Duck!
By Jay Hall
January 29, 2013

Editor, the South Thurston Journal, You can’t say anything bad about JZ Knight without her cult followers rushing to her defense. Yes, that’s right, I said cult followers. If you say something even remotely derogatory about her they label you as an intolerant misinformed hater. She can spew al... FULL STORY

It's Owl vs. Owl - And We Were Blamed All Along
February 21, 2013

by Glen Morgan A few months ago, I took this photo of a Barred Owl on our property. As anyone who owns rural property can understand, it is always fun to see animals living on our property. It is even better when you can get a photo to document the visit. In addition to enjoying the opportunity... FULL STORY

Judge Tabor Allows Fisher Contact With Children
By paul lindmann
January 30, 2013

Editor, South Thurston Journal, Well how interesting.I would like to know where are all those Homosexual activists are who wanted Tabor to resign 2 weeks ago.Seems he refuses to perform Homosexual marriages as is his right and legal. Editor's Note--This letter refers to the 1/30 story in <... FULL STORY

Why Are We Still Expanding In the Middle East?
March 2, 2013

This short video by Brent Hanson questions our goals for expansion in the Middle East. When was the last time we really stopped and asked ourselves where we are going in the Middle East, why we are still there, and when will it all end? FULL STORY

Of Boeing, Wage Initiatives...Automats & Elevators
By Melissa Genson
November 24, 2013

Automats and Elevator Operators in 1961 - When my husband Steve was seven, he and his brother spent a week in Manhattan with their grandparents. It was 1961. The first highlight was the Statler-Hilton elevator. The elderly operator let the boys work the lever and run the elevator. That was ... FULL STORY

Stifle Little Children - from Creativity & Work
December 7, 2013

By Glen Morgan - Like many children, I was naturally entrepreneurial when I was young. Some of this entrepreneurial spirit stemmed from helping my uncles cut flowers on my grandparents’ farm in Renton so they could sell the cut dahlias and zinnias on the roadside. In a growing season, my uncles,... FULL STORY

Editorial - Secrets, Sin, and Shame in the Shadows
By Melissa Genson
November 14, 2013

It’s been twenty-five years since JZ Knight asked on ABC’s 20/20, "How could murder be wrong?" Then she explained that people shouldn’t ever feel sorry about anything they’ve done. ABC’s Judd Rose dubbed JZ Knight’s Ramtha School of Enlightenment (RSE) a “no-fault cult.” Kni... FULL STORY

Don't Take Away Those Amazing Plastic Grocery Bags
By Melissa Genson
November 9, 2013

In our household with our four kids and a zillion pets, a plastic grocery bag was a treasured thing. I don’t think one ever went to waste. We never had enough of them. And each one usually went through several uses, before it was finally relegated to its final use—usually something pretty rank... FULL STORY

Does Boeing Care About Inslee's Pet Projects?
November 9, 2013

By Jeff Rhodes, November 8 - It’s early yet, with the latest special session only in its second full day. Still, if Gov. Jay Inslee gets his wish and lawmakers spend only a week in town before approving a sweeping package of bills — including at least one that never even got a hearing in the S... FULL STORY