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Arts and Literature
(from the archives)

Hot Chocolate at Terebinth (Photo Credit - Rebekah Best)
The Bridge to Terebinth
By Rebekah Best
May 26, 2015

When driving down South Dixie Highway in search of big restaurants and bigger stores, it can be hard to notice the various mom-and-pop shops, quaint boutiques, and cafés. However, the lime green rectangular prism of a coffeehouse on the corner of S. Dixie and Evernia is a place that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The organic coffees and other delicacies are not the only things that this low-key place can boast. Recently renamed Evernia, to match the street on which it is placed, this coffeehouse found in the Historic Professional Arts Building is full of art. FULL STORY

Danny Gospel
By Rebekah Best
July 8, 2015

West Palm Beach author David Athey’s debut novel is quite an interesting read! Following the story of Danny Gospel, for whom the novel is named, the book traverses from the Midwest to Palm Beach. Danny’s troubled past, and equally troubled present, leads him to a troubled future. However, through it... FULL STORY

20th-Century Transportation-Norton Museum Exhibit
May 16, 2015

The Norton Museum of Art will present "Going Places: Transportation Designs from the Jean S. and Frederic A. Sharf Collection". The exhibit, from the collection of longtime supporters of the Norton, arrives June 25th and continues through the 10th of January, 2016. The focus of the exhibit is "2... FULL STORY

Mary Monroe visits Seminole Ridge High School
By Andres Duenas
May 3, 2012

Teacher of the year, author, and journalist, Mary Monroe, is a woman whose limits seem to soar past the sky. She recently came to Seminole Ridge High School to discuss her novels, all of which are based upon true stories. Her books—"Miracle at Monty Middle", "Krazy White Girl", and "Tagger"— offer a... FULL STORY