Create an Online Newspaper (and Tourism Guide!)

How does the tourism guide work?

  • ZoomVillage is also a tool for creating an online tourism guide to your town.
  • You and other registered users add basic information (with photos and/or videos) about your town's attractions such as restaurants, hotels, parks, shops and museums.
  • ZoomVillage integrates your newspaper and tourism information to create an attractive and useful guide to the places, events and news in your town!

How do I make money?

  • When local businesses buy advertising space on your site, the Mayor earns at least 50% of the ad fees! See complete details.
  • There is no need for you to sell anything. ZoomVillage gives advertisers an easy way to create and pay for their ads online.
  • You can also make money by selling items in the ecommerce-enabled Community Store that is integrated into every ZoomVillage newspaper.

How does it work, and how do I get started?

  • Create an account. (It's free.)
  • Select your state and town. If you are the first registered user in your town, you are named the Mayor and your newspaper's Editor-in-Chief.
  • Select a name for your paper, such as [My Town's Name] Gazette or [My Town's Name] Inquirer.
  • Write your first story (see details below).

How are news stories submitted?

  • Any registered user can submit a news story to their town's newspaper. If the user has not been given Editor privileges by the Mayor, the story must be approved by one of the town's editors before being published.
  • News stories can include text, photos and/or YouTube videos.
  • Stories display in your newspaper for the date range specified by the writer (and may be changed by an editor). When stories expire, they are automatically moved to your newspaper's searchable archives.

Sounds great, but can I see an example?

  Glad you asked! Take a look at The Victoria Gazette.