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  • 13-inch Alienware Gaming Laptop i7 16GB 512GB with Touchscreen
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  • Cheapest Streaming TV $2/Month: Rabbit Makes Cable TV Useless

    The convergence of Internet and television is finally here in the mainstream with products like Roku, Chromecast and smart televisions. However, this gadget might be worth looking into. It only costs $2 per month for great streaming content. It's the rabbit. Not rabbit ears antenna. Get the real details on the streaming product/service that has been seen on TV infomercials.

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  • Food Industry Leaders Speak at the Food Health and Technology Summit
    Photo Caption: Tom Mastrobuoni (left), Tyson New Ventures; and Sue Shapses (right), Rutgers University Nutrition Department and the Director of the New Jersey Obesity Group.

    NEW BRUNSWICK - Foodniche Inc., the company behind popular social media food and health portal foodniche.me, has announced the Food, Health and Technology Summit will take place October 27 at Rutgers University.

    Industry executive,Tom Mastrobuoni will be speaking at the event at Rutgers. He is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Tyson New Ventures. Tyson New Ventures is like the corporate venture arm of Tyson Foods, the company that makes frozen dinners and packaged meats. Yeah, that one.

    Tom has 13 total years experience in what is known as "alternative asset management." He will discuss how Tyson Foods wants to help bring nourishing meals to U.S. homes and make a profit at the same time. He will reveal what Tyson Ventures looks for in their evaluation process for finding food businesses to invest capital in.

    There will be other panelists and guest speakers at the Summit too. The event at Rutgers will bring a mix of educators, entrepreneurs and industry experts together. The goals is to showcase various food and food-tech related products that can innovate in the food space. The other goal is to have dialogue on what is needed to fight obesity and other health issues.

    The keynote address will be given by distinguished Dr. Sue Shapses, a Rutgers University Professor of Nutrition and Director of NJ Obesity Group. Her talk will focus on obesity and what strategies can be deployed to help Americans live longer and healthier lives.

    Panelists in the panel discussion include Victor Penev, MBA, CEO at Edaman; Jennifer Goggin, Director of Retail for Crave Food Systems; Dr Virginia Quick, Interim director of the Didactic Program in Dietetics at Rutgers University; and Cindy Kasindorf, CEO for Remedy Organics.

    Register at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/food-health-and-technology-summit-tickets-3....


  • Sway Visits Minneapolis Again During SoundSet 2017 10th Anniversary

    MINNEAPOLIS — Sway, a popular and pioneering hip-hop DJ from California's Bay Area (home to Too $hort, E-40, Andre Nickatina, Vee Nasty and several other notable rappers), visited Minneapolis for the 10th Anniversary of Minnesota's Soundset Festival, an event held by Fifth Element record store in Minneapolis and the Rhymesayers Entertainment group, a large independent hip hop label based in Minnesota. Soundset 2017 featured artists from Rez Rap, SacRed, Rhymesayers and a number of both underground and mainstream performers in hip hop culture. There were also cyphers held with local rappers along with rap music performers from other cities like Detroit, Chicago and even Brooklyn. Sway is a prominent rap, hip hop and r&b radio broadcaster who used to work at MTV and also had a show in California called the Sway & Tech Show. He now has a show on Detroit rapper Eminem's Shade 45 hip hop radio station on satellite radio. Check out the featured videos from Sway's Universe.


  • Getting Married in the Twin Cities and Need a Minneapolis Wedding Limo?
    Minneapolis Wedding Limo

    MINNEAPOLIS — If you live in the Twin Cities in Minnesota and you are getting married, you are probably looking for good wedding limousine provider in the metro area. Based on available knowledge and research online, one can find a plethora of different options for transportation. But there are many options to consider. There are about three top competitors in the area that really do it well. One that really stands out as one that pays attention to detail and offers a great deal of customization, in operation since 1993, is Renee's Royal Valet - Limos, Coaches & Trolleys.

    Why not get married in style? Of course you want safety, comfort and professionalism in your package as well. RRV in Minneapolis can put together something just for you with those three basic requirements at the top of priority at all times. The current owner of the business has been building a solid brand for nearly two decades now, building his company's amazing fleet and providing year-round service to his growing list of clients and customers. As his blog clearly states in one recent post about Twin Cities weddings, the company has long been in the business of love.

    What makes RRV so unique, other than the fact that they are one of just a few transportation services that includes a fleet of street cars (dubbed the Green Dublin), is that they take experience marketing to a whole new level. The company invests in the experience, not just the bells and whistles. Of course, they have an amazing fleet of vehicles that encompass limousines, coach buses and the retro style trolleys in the Twin Cities but they really put forth an effort to conquer the experience for the customers, to leave them with lasting memories with their loved ones. For a Minneapolis wedding limo service, this is paramount to continued success year over year.

    The limos can be Hummer or other styles of SUVs or you can get the traditional luxury Lincoln stretch limos if you prefer. There are various styles with lots of entertainment available in the passenger portions of these vehicles. If you are looking for intimate romance with your new spouse with the right lighting, comfortable seating and elegance that will put you in the mood, RRV has what it takes. Also, they can help coordinate and accommodate travel options for your guests, such as friends and family coming to visit either from the airport or other places and they want to travel as a group in the Minneapolis area without a bunch of cars through traffic.

    Onsite shuttle and transportation is also a great way RRV helps families and wedding planners as a premium wedding vendor in the Twin Cities. The trolleys make for fun and lively experiences and limos are great for luxury. Coaches are also very popular with group travel and transportation in the metro for weddings. Guests can be shuttled from one location to another very efficiently with a professional driver.

    RRV also offers very interesting tours, such as brewery and winery tours. There are many customizable options available and the company works with their customers directly on their planning and coordination for their custom Minneapolis wedding limo transportation.

  • FoodNiche Official Launch Announced: Social Network for All Things Food

    FoodNiche is a social media network for all things food, according to a recent press release from the company that operates foodniche.me, which has previously been dubbed the "LinkedIn for food".

    The site, which helps consumers connect to brands/restaurants, chefs, nutritionists and other experts, advocates and enthusiasts, lauched an invitation-only mode last year. The company says it is continuing to grow and emerging as a go-to source for a variety of food interests among a broad base of users. They look for all things food on the platform.

    The platform engages with users through a very sleek design and set of user friendly navigation features. It takes the pain out of looking for a good meal plan. Users can get advice or recommendations from other users on the site, including those with expert knowledge in the category.

    FoodNiche wants to make good quality food more accessible through this means of connection and networking on the platform. Food brands can connect with a large user base that is looking for recommendations, making FoodNiche a possibly lucrative business tool for use by brand marketing experts in the food industry. The platform's tagline is "food you'll relish". Brands and restaurants can also offer discounts and promotions.

    FoodNiche's users have praise the site with testimonials such as the following:

    “Being able to connect with different food interest groups and find all updates in my feed is completely priceless," Luisa Schetinger said. "Instead of searching different websites for content, I can now have all my food recommendations in one place, saving time especially on busy nights.”

    Schetinger is a chef and active member of the FoodNiche community.

    Other users are interested in shopping tips and finding great value to save their hard earned money on grocery shopping trips.

    “I absolutely love connecting with people here," Tammie V. said. "Finding recipes from people I know along with coupons for grocery shopping will be an answered prayer for me, as I am always looking for ways to save on groceries. I look forward to the full rollout of all the features on foodniche.me.”

    Users on the site are able to customize their experience based on what they are looking for: connecting to friends for recipe ideas, finding health information or connecting to a restaurant or brand for promotions. This platform is the first to truly be able to cohesively and coherently connect the dots between these three groups seamlessly. Users with such a broad variety of interests but within a single overall niche is a useful service in more ways than one. The site is community driven and responds to demands from both consumers and businesses.

    Tina Christoudias is dietitian and nutritional expert who uses the FoodNiche platform.

    "I believe healthy eating groups like this are instrumental in promoting the message that eating real, whole foods should be a lifestyle and not a fad, Christoudias said. "This FoodnicheX community gives people practical tips to start incorporating healthier foods into their daily routine and provides the peer support as well. The great thing is, you get all of these from the comfort of your own home or office.”

    The site can be found at FoodNiche.me.


  • Why Uber and Lyft Drivers Need Identification or Car Branding
    Utah Transit Authority Photo from Rideshare Service

    MANKATO — Uber has been relentlessly advertising its rideshare app and opportunity for driving on their platform for cash payments from consumers who need a ride. Both Lyft and Uber are looking to expand services in markets across the nation, including Southern Minnesota and the Twin Cities markets. As they become more mainstream commercial services, they will need more than a placard or pink mustache to look professional enough for the consumer.

    Millennials are the next major group of United States consumers that will be in the workforce, leadership roles and consuming more services like rideshare apps. They may choose these services they are familiar with over taxis, but to overcome the hurdles of building trust in local communities across the country, the drivers will likely have to employ some useful traditional marketing tactics outside the digital realm, or even within it.

    For example, taxi cabs and buses are easily recognizable and their brands are also recognizable within a urban area or even small town or city. These graphics help those transportation service providers establish a local identity and appeal visually to consumers. Just like a police car, taxis use vehicle graphics and display their phone numbers. It is possible that Uber drivers or Lyft drivers could use similar tactics, even providing their own unique style or brand to set themselves apart and compete. Of course, this may depend on the user agreements and policies of the rideshare services. It is not clear if this is allowed. But it might become a demand from the drivers themselves. Right now, there are some identification tips and features, but nothing that offers a branding or identification service.

    Think of how independent distributors of grocery items do business. Sometimes, corporations like baked goods or snack brands, are delivered by distributors that own their own route but are contracted with companies like Pepperidge Farm, Bimbo Bakeries, etc. They own their own trucks and are sometimes allowed to sell advertising on the sides of those trucks to earn extra revenue. They have certain rules they are bound to, but they also have a certain level of entrepreneurial freedom. This is also how the business model for rideshare apps was developed, with the same concept and intentions for operating.

    Advertising, branding and identification of rideshare service providers will empower these drivers to make more fares and compete with the traditional players in the commercial transportation market. This extends to limousine services as well.

    Companies like Renee's Royal Valet - Limos, Coaches and Trolleys provides a service for various transportation needs. They are an award winning wedding limo service in the twin cities, but they also offer tours around wineries, breweries and other local attractions. The company already has a great service with branding on their fleet of stretch limousines, old-time trolleys and coach buses. They decided that they needed to boost business by expanding upon their digital advertising presence, including utilizing services like Angie's List.

    Rideshare services will need to do just the opposite. Uber and Lyft provide their drivers with great digital advertising services just as Bimbo Bakeries provides great traditional marketing for their products distributed by independent operators.


  • Winter Brewery and Winery Tour Booking in the Twin Cities
    brewery tours in twin cities

    MINNEAPOLIS — A Minnesota limousine, trolley and coach bus transportation provider in the Twin Cities is providing tours of breweries and wineries. This winter, you can start planning tours for 2017 as we head into the new year.

    Renee's Royal Valet - Limo's Coaches and Trolleys has tour packages that cover most of the well-known local breweries in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. These tours are great ideas for college students that are acquiring a taste for craft beer or those that want to learn about the brewing craft and process. It's actually quite interesting. The brewmasters of these special facilities are like scientists, making ales and lagers that are delicious and part of a growing movement.

    The arts scene in the cities is vibrant and they have fully embraced the craft beer scene as complimentary to their community. Minnesota is home to many new craft brew startups. The midwest is home to an explosion in the industry and Minnesota remains a top player. Companies like RRV are integral to helping that growth, and to creating new business opportunities for themselves from the new growing grain and hops movement.

    Find many great ales from breweries like 612 Brew and many others in a planned itinerary prepared by RRV. The company has been providing their limo, coach and trolley services in the area since the early 1990s. If you are looking for a spring break plan, then you can consult with them about a brewery or winery tour package in the cities. The company produces a great blog, where you can stay updated on happenings in the city and transportation services for events in the metro area. They also have a Facebook page and are rated and ranked highly on Google and Facebook. They have won awards from bridal and wedding industry magazines and other publications in the Minneapolis area as well.

    The drivers are courteous and professional and they are knowledgeable about the wineries and breweries in the area. Some of the winery and vineyard areas are simply exquisite. They offer some surprisingly thoughtful themes and beautiful aesthetics for being located in the urban outskirts in Minnesota. These tours have been featured in local media as well. Find out more about how to book tours at these wineries and breweries by visiting the RRV website or blog.

    RRV is also a premium wedding limo provider, business/corporate travel provider and trolley service. They also provide transportation for events. They have a large fleet of vehicles to choose the right one for your group.

  • Prince was Number 4 Internet Search on Google in 2016, 1 in Losses Category
    Google Year in Search 2016

    Google announced its top searches of the year this month for their "Year in Search 2016" report made public this week. The results show that Prince was the number four Google Internet search, only being beat by Pokemon Go, iPhone 7 and of course, Donald Trump.

    David Bowie was also one of the most searched people globally online. According to the results, Bowie was the number 2 search among the Losses category in Google's report. Prince was first on that particular list. Oddly, Prince did not make the top ten under the Musicians category. The global report generates search data in a range of categories, which include general searches (all search data), Global News, People, Consumer Tech, Global Sporting Events, Losses (death of a person), Movies, Musicians and TV Shows. The Year in Search report also provided a video, highlighting the 2016 events that mattered to people using Google to search information online:

    Another popular global search with a Minnesota connection was under the Global Sporting Events category. The Ryder Cup, which was held this past September in Chaska, Minnesota at Hazeltine National Golf Club, was among the top ten searches in that category. It ranked at number 10. The Ryder Cup is a big deal in professional golf, putting the best Americans against the best Europeans in a competition that alternates every two years in the United States then Europe. People from all over the world ascended upon the Twin Cities to spectate at the event. Volunteers even paid for their chance to work at the event. Many high rollers parked their expensive sports cars, SUVs and other luxury vehicles in the parking lot at Valley Fair in Shakopee.

    Prince died in 2016 from an opioid overdose, stemming from the abuse of a drug called Fentanyl. Prince has a worldwide fanbase, like Michael Jackson, who also died from a drug overdose.

    See some of the trends in the embedded lists from the Year in Search report below, including Prince's number 4 spot on the all searches list.

    Among the listed categories of information, interesting notes were the searches for Donald & Melania Trump, Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton, iPhone 7, Deadpool, Brexit and Powerball. Google is able to offer fresh perspective for news media with this type of information. For instance, there is stark contrast between what political interests were in terms of Internet search by private citizens looking for information and the information provided by traditional media such as television, newspapers, magazines and the corporate branches that jut from those industries. It was definitely an anti-establishment year.

    There are also breakout searches contained in the report, so you can view month by month and look at other types of data filters to gain further insights into Internet searches that were conducted on the search engine service.


  • Featured Video: Derek Elvebak's 'Scotty the Receptionist'

    Derek Elvebak, of Minneapolis, shares another humorous video from the archives on YouTube: