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  • Let’s paint the town
    By Stephanie Bertholdo

    [img_assist|nid=163694|title=|desc= CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?—Artist Tracy Lee Stum squats on the dice in her street art painting of a Monopoly game in Atlantic City, the game’s birthplace. The dice and other characters are actuallyflat on the ground, but Stum’s artistry gives them a realistic 3-D appearance.

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  • Lake at Westlake hits record low level
    By Sylvie Belmond

    The scenic, 125-acre lake in the heart of Westlake Village has long been a source of pride in community, but as the drought drags on and calls for conservation increase, the water level in the lake has dwindled to a record low 17.5 inches below normal.

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  • Calabasas mentor Ed Edelman dies at 85
    By Sylvie Belmond

    Ed Edelman, a longtime Los Angeles County supervisor and human rights visionary, died Sept. 12 due to complications from Parkinson’s disease. He was 85.

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  • Local experts weigh in on heavyweight debate
    By Adrienne Wigdortz Anderson
    Special to The Acorn

    In today’s polarized political landscape, at least there’s consensus on one thing: The 2016 presidential election season has been unlike any other.

    So it stands to reason that the upcoming Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton presidential debates—slated for Sept. 26, Oct. 9 and Oct. 19—promise to be riveting.

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    Agoura Hills

    A resident on Hempstead Drive reported that someone broke into her home and ransacked through some drawers and other areas while she and her family were away Sept. 9.

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  • New law legalizes lane splitting
    By Andy Nguyen

    California is the first state in the nation to legalize lane splitting, a controversial practice by motorcyclists that advocates say decreases the likelihood of a fatal accident.

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  • Take the new lane-splitting law in stride

    The number of registered motorcyclists in California continues to grow at a steady pace, and anybody who’s ever driven a street bike, a sport bike or a cruiser knows the flat-out thrill that goes along with it. Revving up and hitting the open road brings an utter exhilaration that’s hard to describe.

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  • Political Cartoon