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  • To boldly go —
    By Sylvie Belmond

    Dusty Abell of Oak Park has voyaged deep into the “Star Trek” universe by creating a dazzling poster that’s drawn raves from die-hard fans.

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  • Michael Paul Baertschiger
  • New school bond in Oak Park?
    By Stephanie Bertholdo

    The Oak Park Unified School District’s Board of Education wants to place a new school bond on the November ballot to pay for campus facilities and technology.

    The school board received a copy of the 75-word ballot measure at its June 1 board meeting and approved it on June 15.

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  • Time runs out on major watch theft ring

    [img_assist|nid=160797|title=|desc= SUSPECT—Two men are still free, including Evan Scott, 27.

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  • ‘True gentleman’ helicopter pilot remembered for duty and service
    By Sylvie Belmond

    Family, friends and fellow pilots gathered at Camarillo Airport June 21 to pay tribute to Charles Aaron, a 35-year-old Westlake Village man who was killed in a solo motorcycle crash on Kanan Road earlier this month.

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    Agoura Hills

    A thief stole a pepper spray container, a stun gun and a flashlight from a car parked on United Road June 9.

    Someone took $700 worth of clothing from a car parked on Tarrytown Lane June 9.

    A vandal caused $ 250 in damage shattering the window of a car parked on Valley Heights Drive June 8.

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  • Eyes open

    The Sheriff’s Teenage Traffic Offender Program (STTOP) wants you to be the eyes and ears of the community. If you witness a case of reckless driving, call STTOP at (818) 880- 5420. To learn more, visit www.sttop.net.

  • Never become complacent about water conservation

    We just survived a week of record-high temperatures and, not surprisingly, talk of a new drought is rumbling across the land.

    Flash back to this time last year when—following a winter of record-low rainfall—cities and water agencies in the area were ordered by the state to decrease their water consumption by some 36 percent.

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