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  • Agoura Hills rec center to open
    By Stephanie Bertholdo

    Agoura Hills hosted a VIP sneak preview last Friday of the city’s new recreation center, which is scheduled to open to the public Sat., Jan. 10.

    Formerly the home of Temple Beth Haverim, the site was transformed into a full recreation and event facility at a cost of $13.4 million.

    The center is on Ladyface Court near City Hall and the Agoura Hills Library.

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  • Bartenders play a role in preventing DUI
    By Jonathan Andrade

    The dangers of driving while drunk have long been a talking point for state and federal lawmakers.

    Every year, stricter laws, larger fines and longer prison sentences are put into effect to discourage drivers from getting behind the wheel after drinking or taking drugs.

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  • Westlake names Ned Davis mayor
    By Brennan Whitmore
    Special to The Acorn

    Ned Davis was tabbed as the new mayor of Westlake Village during the city’s annual reorganization meeting Nov. 19.

    The council appointed Susan McSweeney mayor pro tem.

    “I appreciate your confidence to represent you as mayor this year,” said Davis, who replaces Mark Rutherford at the city’s helm. McSweeney succeeds Davis as the next in line for mayor.

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  • New appointment for Oak Park board
    By Stephanie Bertholdo

    Oak Park resident Denise Helfstein was appointed last week by the Oak Park Unified School District Board of Education to fill the seat of trustee Sepideh Yeoh, who is moving out of the district.

    Helfstein will serve the balance of Yeoh’s term through 2016, when the seat will be up for election.

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  • Committee seeks new members

    The committee responsible for overseeing the spending of bond and parcel tax revenue in Oak Park Unified School District is seeking the following new members: someone active in a senior citizens’ organization, a member active in a taxpayers’ organization and a member of the public at large.

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  • Thanksgiving is here so it’s time to talk turkey

    On the day after Thanksgiving we’ll bet your waistline will be a little bigger than it was the day before.

    That’s OK—it just means you had a lot to be thankful for this year.

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  • Thinks minimum wage is too low

    The current minimum wage is too low and is not enough for anyone to live on, though not everyone who works for the wage lives off only that money.

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  • Says campaign signs are a waste

    As the election season rolls around every year, we are greeted with a familiar sight on lawns and street corners around town: the campaign sign.

    These signs are a negative externality plaguing our town. They have little social benefit and a large private benefit to the campaigns that used them.

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