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  • Agoura Hills elementary schools put on lockdown after student reports seeing woman with gun
    By Stephanie Bertholdo

    Mariposa Elementary School of Global Education decided to adhere to the credo “better safe than sorry” after a student at the school reported seeing a female carrying a gun on Eagleton Street near the Agoura Hills campus.

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  • Pop art
    By Stephanie Bertholdo

    [img_assist|nid=143089|title=|desc= POOCH TESTS BIG BANG THEORY—Anastasia the Jack Russell terrier holds a 15-year Guinness World Record for popping balloons. The canine star also is known for her Super Bowl predictions. Read on.

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  • Sheriff gets new opportunity
    By Sylvie Belmond

    The nation’s law enforcement community fell under heavy scrutiny following the polarizing Ferguson, Mo., case of 2014. But in the aftermath of the attention-grabbing incident, the nation also learned that police men and women, like the citizens they serve, remain innocent until proven guilty.

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  • Mansion in Old Topanga has Calabasas planners in quandary
    By Sylvie Belmond

    A plan to build a house on top of a ridgeline in a scenic area near Old Topanga Road in Calabasas came under attack by neighbors at a recent city planning commission hearing.

    The developer, Broadway Trust, wants to build a 7,630-square-foot single-family home with a 660-square-foot attached garage, a 1,320-squarefoot basement and other structures on a previously graded lot.

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  • PCH will be shut down longer than expected

    A stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway between Los Posas Road near Camarillo and Yerba Buena Road near Malibu will continue to remain closed until the end of February, the California Department of Transportation says.

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  • Sheriff's Blotter

    Agoura Hills

    A thief stole a $150 purse containing a wallet with a driver’s license and $500 in cash from a vehicle parked in the 5600 block of Chesebro Road Jan. 18. The culprit caused $500 in damage shattering a window to get into the car.

    A $200 photography lamp was stolen from a car parked on Trailway Lane Jan. 17.

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  • Contact your local sheriff’s office

    Residents who live in Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Chatsworth, Hidden Hills, West Hills or Westlake Village may contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Lost Hills Station at (818) 878- 1808.

    Oak Park residents should call the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office at (805) 494-8200.

  • The case for vaccinations gets a shot in the arm

    The world is flat. The sun revolves around the Earth. Dinosaurs and humans once lived together. Time and again, science has disproved the wild theories that some people once held dear.

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