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  • In This World, Odd Parents Are Cool Parents
  • Just another teen prank, or something more serious?
    By Stephanie Bertholdo

    Teens, at least presumably they’re teens, are playing a dangerous game in Agoura Hills.

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  • Schools power up the laptops
    By Sylvie Belmond and Stephanie Bertholdo

    This year, all sixth-graders in the Las Virgenes Unified School District have their own laptop computers to use at school and at home as part of an educational initiative called Forward Learning. By 2018, students in grades three and up will be using the affordable PC laptops provided by the school district.

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  • Washburn takes long shot at CC district
    By Sylvie Belmond

    If he’s elected to the Los Angeles Community College District board of trustees on March 3, Dennis Washburn said, he will strive to bring change and accountability to the district to make sure taxpayers are getting their money’s worth.

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  • Signage not enough, business owners say
    By Sylvie Belmond

    Calabasas businesses need signs to attract customers, yet residents don’t want a cluttered city. The Calabasas Planning Commission is looking for a middle ground in the city’s sign debate.

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  • Waste Management agrees on cleanup deal
    By Melissa Simon

    After reaching a settlement with a Ventura-based environmental nonprofit late last year, Waste Management must now create a plan to reduce the amount of pollution seeping into the ground from its trash hauling facility in an effort to protect local water quality.

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  • Sheriff's Blotter

    Agoura Hills

    A shoplifter stole about $250 worth of alcoholic beverages from the Ralphs market in the 5700 block of Kanan Road Feb. 15.

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  • Had your fill of the plastic bag controversy?

    It seems that California’s plastic shopping bags just won’t go away.

    We love our little polyethylene friend— functional and versatile and serving faithfully since the 1960s. After the groceries are put away, the rumpled, crumpled companion often performs follow-up duty as a lunch bag, a trash bag or even a doggie bag.

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