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Professional Email/Letter Services

Do you need to send an email or letter to a business but are not sure how to word it? Are you dissatisfied with services being provided to you and would like to approach your service provider but not sure how to do so? Maybe you have a concern but just don't... more »


If you need a little extra help with course work, tutoring services are available. Tutoring can be provided in English, Reading, Basic and Intermediate Math, writing skills, becoming a better public speaker, and other areas. Tutoring services are $20.00 an ho... more »

For Sale

SEO Services

Blogging services available. To see sample of services provided, see Cookie's Cabal on this site or go to Cookiescreativecomments.blogspot.com.

Cookie's Candid Shots Photography & Video Services

Photography & video services $100.00 per hour, minimum two hours. Engagements, weddings, anniversary parties, graduation parties, all kinds of settings. Packages include two 8x10 prints, two 5x7 prints, and a memory card/flash drive with hundreds of pi... more »

Vision Home Security- Now Hiring!

Vision Home Security has opened a local office in Chico and is now hiring to expand our sales team. We have some of the best home security on the market at very competitive monitoring rates. We prefer if you have sales/customer service experience but will trai... more »

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