The Great Facebook Saga
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The Great Facebook Saga

June 30, 2016
For a little over four years, I have been doing something that I truly enjoy. On March 7, 2012, I posted the first article on the Gold City Gazette website. The online newspaper & tourism guide started out purely by chance- and quite slowly- but it ended up growing steadily in popularity.

I started the site because I love to write, and quite frankly, Oroville needed a better news source. I tried to add something to the site every day so it would be a useful source of information. Initially, to get new readers, I would share the articles on social media- Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others. I also ordered business cards from Vistaprint and handed them out.

After a few months, my efforts really started to pay off. I would hand someone a card and they would tell me that a friend had told them about the site. I was ecstatic. I could also keep track of the daily readers on the site, and the number was continually getting larger.

Several months after I started the site, I began publishing a different “Butte County Most Wanted” individual each day. This was a very popular segment and still gets many hits every day- even though I no longer add them.

Although the paper was more of a hobby, I thoroughly enjoyed publishing it- and if I could help others by doing so, that was just a bonus. The big smiles along with comments & commendation were more than enough to fuel my desire to continue publishing the paper. The site also served another purpose. It helped me to build my writing platform. Every post I added to the site gave me just a little more experience and exposure.

I not only covered news and events. I contacted local businesses and collected information for feature articles to keep locals and tourists up on what resources were available in Oroville. I also interviewed people who lived and worked in the area and did write ups about them.

I covered parades, wrecks, bank robberies, school events, and much more. Community members loved the site. Business members were appreciative of the coverage. The Chamber of Commerce and other notable individuals in the community thought the site was awesome.

The site was growing and I had hoped to find other writers interested in taking part. However, two years ago I was hired for a job in Fort Bragg- my dream town. I never thought I would be sad about leaving Oroville, but I had found a worthwhile endeavor that truly gave me a lot of joy and satisfaction. I dreaded leaving my paper behind. I tried to find someone to take over the site but it was not to be.

The site sat dormant for quite some time. At one point, I thought I had found someone to revive it but the individual was not able to devote the time and effort required to make it a success. I get it- spending the time necessary without an immediate income is a big, and difficult, undertaking. I am grateful that I was able to do as much as I did with it.

I eventually started the Mendo Coast Critique and have recently started posting occasional travel articles in the Gold City Gazette because so many people still read it every day. It is amazing to me that even though it sat with nothing new for so long people are still logging on to read it. One of the most popular segments is still the most wanted- even though the last posting is more than two years old.

I truly am appreciative of all my readers. I still want to continue writing because I love providing information to others- and I want to build my platform even more. However, I have recently come upon a hindrance and am having trouble getting past it.

Many of my readers already know that on Sunday I discovered that Facebook admin had completely disabled my page. I have used this tool to promote my writing and gain more readers the entire time I have been publishing publicly. After a big struggle and many emails, I was able to get Facebook to reinstate my page. There is only one problem. They have put restrictions on my usage.

I have two business contacts that have sent me private chat messages. I have been unable to respond because every time I try my message is blocked. This is very frustrating and maddening. I have worked very hard to build up a certain reputation and Facebook is destroying it one minute at a time. These people probably think I am ignoring them, and there is nothing I can do about it. Facebook is making me look like a totally irresponsible, unreliable flake. I can’t even post on pages I have been a member of for a long time.

I am hoping you will help. Please, like and share this post. Hopefully, if I get enough of a response Facebook will see they cannot do this to their users. If you have been following my Facebook posts for the past couple of days, you have seen that I am not the only one they have done this kind of thing to. They want people to use their site but then they treat their users like garbage.

If no one was using their site, advertisers would not want to do business with Facebook and Facebook would not make tons of money- which reminds me- this happened right after I had run a short “test” ad on Facebook. I’m really glad I didn’t run a longer ad because I would have totally lost money since my page had disappeared.

Please, like and share this post.

Thank you


dear cookie you rwork is nice. but you have apic of me on your blog an di would like you take it down please its embarrassing and very old and nothing happened from it can you please take down this article
elijah mars
4 years ago
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