How to Advertise
  1. Click "Create an Ad", and select a newspaper.

  2. Create an ad consisting of text or an image. The ad can link to a page on your own web site or to a big display ad that you create in the newspaper.

  3. Select the number of days your ad will appear.

  4. Pay for your ad with a credit card or PayPal.

Create an Ad

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay an additional fee when someone clicks on my ad?

No. You pay only for the ad placement.

Where will my ad appear?

Ads are displayed on the right side of the most commonly visited pages such as the newspaper front page, news story pages and tourism guide "place" pages. Banner ads are displayed at the top of some pages, such as newspaper story pages.

How are banner ads rotated?

When more than one banner ad is active, the ad to be displayed is selected at random each time the page is displayed. For example, if you and three other advertisers currently have banner ads running in a certain newspaper, your ad will appear about 25% of the time.

How do the "big display ads" work?

Let's say you want to offer a coupon, but your own website doesn't have a page that displays the coupon (or you don't have a web site at all). This means that your ad cannot link to the coupon on your site. Solution: for no extra charge, you can create a one-page ad in the newspaper and link to it.

If there are multiple ads on a page, how is the order determined?

Ads with the greatest number of days until expiration appear first. If multiple ads expire on the same date, the ad that was booked for the greatest number of days appears first.