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Creating an Image for your Advertisement

Your advertisement can be based on a photo or an image such as your company logo. Unless the image already has the desired proportions (e.g. approximately 728 x 90 pixels for a banner ad) you will need to edit it. Almost any graphics editing program or online tool will work. For example, try Photoshop Express, Flickr or Picasa.

To create your ad, do the following:

1) Open your graphics editing program.

2) Upload the image to be used in your ad.

3) Crop the image to the desired proportions. We'll scale it down to the required maximum dimensions. For example, if you are creating a square image ad, just crop it so that it's square and at least 200 x 200 pixels. We'll reduce it proportionally to 200 x 200 pixels.

4) If necessary, add text (company name, phone number, website address) on top of the image. Use a text color that makes it visible against the background.

5) If you are using an online graphics editor, you will probably need to download the result to your computer.

6) Create your ad by uploading the image.